5 False myths about refurbished smartphones


From second-hand to battery, from money saving to trust:
This blog is here to address the most common concerns related to the refurbished market.

Although shopping secondhand isn’t a new trend, we’ve noticed that refurbished smartphone shoppers may have some reservations about what they’re getting. 
Will the smartphone be used? Will the battery be as good as new? Who guarantees that it will be delivered in the condition promised? We aim to clear up the false myths surrounding refurbished smartphones that have resulted from such concerns and queries.

Myth 1

Refurbished means used

This is the most common false myth when it comes to refurbished smartphones. There are many differences between used and refurbished: the main being that a used phone is not tested, serviced, sanitized, or guaranteed. While a refurbished smartphone undergoes a process of heavy examination and repair by specialists.

At Swappie, our iPhones may have belonged to someone else before they got into the hands of a new buyer, but before they are sold, they are refurbished, and most importantly, Swappie makes sure of their origin (e.g., that they were not stolen). We also invite the original owner to reset the device to ensure that all data has been completely erased before making the device available on the market.

Myth 2

The battery will not last long enough

During the refurbishment process, we thoroughly check the condition of each iPhone’s battery to ensure its proper functioning. In addition, we give attention to battery capacity, which must be above 80% or we replace it. In 2021 the battery capacity of iPhones sold by Swappie averaged 95 percent, demonstrating the company’s expertise in this field.

For specific models, users can choose between two types of batteries:

  • Standard (>80%): we guarantee that the batteries will have more than 80 percent capacity, classifying them as still performing by industry standards.
  • New (100%): where it’s professionally installed by Swappie and its capacity is equivalent to that of a new smartphone. This solution is only available for specific iPhone models, and fitting a new battery will incur an additional charge of about 20€, depending on the model.

Myth 3

It won’t function as a new smartphone

Our refurbishment process requires each iPhone to undergo 52 tests to verify its functionality, allowing devices sold by Swappie to have high standards.

Suppose some parts need replacing. In that case, we use components that have passed the company’s rigorous quality checks, which guarantees high-quality replacement parts thanks to its specialization in iPhones. In addition, Swappie also uses original iPhone parts, as the company is also involved in recycling non-working iPhones.

Myth 4

If it costs less than new, some defects must be there

All devices sold by Swappie have like-new performance, and any defects relate only to the aesthetic condition of the device. To address different customer needs, we offer three different aesthetic conditions of iPhones that have different price ranges:

  • Excellent: the smartphone may show slight signs of wear and tear, such as tiny scratches, but no notable marks.
  • Very Good: The phone will have visible signs of wear, such as scratches, dents, or other marks.
  • Fair: The phone will have heavy signs of wear, such as deeper scratches, dents, and other marks. However, this is the most cost-effective choice.

Myth 5

What if the seller is unreliable?

Having and maintaining the trust of our community is crucial, which is why we offer those who buy refurbished iPhones a warranty service and right to return. If you buy an iPhone on our website you will receive the device within 3 business days and it also a free 12-month warranty that includes the replacement of the device upon the occurrence of technical problems during this period (e.g., defects related to the camera, microphone, battery). In addition, customers can return their refurbished iPhone for free within 14 days if they are dissatisfied. 

The expriences of our customers

According to customer feedback, 96% of our customers are happy with our service.