Apple’s Product Launch and Swappie’s New Prices

Apple released the much-talked-about new iPhone models a few days ago. These models are the iPhone XS Max, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR. As expected, the prices are rather high. The most expensive model, the iPhone XS Max 512GB, costs a whopping €1679.

How will the new models affect Swappie’s prices?

Lots of people have asked us how the new models will affect Swappie’s prices.

The answer is clear. We lowered the prices of the older models and as soon as we get the new models in our product range, we will also sell them with a generous discount compared to newly purchased phones.

Swappie’s mission is to provide high-quality Apple phones in mint condition to our customers at a cheaper price than buying a new one from the store, and that is precisely what we are doing.

The best thing is that as the new models begin to arrive in Swappie’s product range, they often fall into our best condition category and are completely indistinguishable from new phones. Despite this, we sell the phones at a much lower price than new phones.

Developments in Apple’s phone prices

Apple’s new products cost more each year and there are no price reductions in sight. The first models were available in Finland for just over €300, but the price of newest models has now already exceeded €1600. Previously, the price increase has been steady, but after the release of the iPhone X last year, the price increases have only accelerated.

This situation makes a service like Swappie even more important. Swappie makes it possible for more and more people to get their hands on new technology, affordably and responsibly.

When will the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR be available from Swappie?

We will receive the first models about 2–3 weeks after the first shipments. At first, there will be a small number of phones and their demand is high, so you may still have to wait a while for the latest models.

If you don’t want to wait for the latest model, now is a great time to buy an older model. We have lowered the prices of our already affordable older models, some even by up to €110. In terms of the quality/price ratio, the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 6s is currently a very worthwhile purchase.

Check out the prices of all our products here.

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