Choose refurbished with Jonathan

Get to know our resident thrillseeker

Hi, Jonathan here!

When it comes to iPhone’s – I *need* the latest model. Say what you like, but I love knowing I’ve got the best tech around.

I spend a lot of time outdoors (you might have seen me on the slopes recently 😉), and I love capturing content for my socials. This means it’s essential I’ve got a device that has a high performing camera with a nice big screen to edit video and images on the go.

With the iPhone 15 Pro I can shoot crystal clear video in 4K and take stunning photos. I’ve also got all the apps I need, running smoothly and efficiently (essential when I’ve navigating the way to my next destination whilst playing tracks in my car!), and the sturdy, waterproof design means I can take it out and about without worrying! It suits me perfectly.

Getting the best for less

The great thing about Swappie is it means I can get the latest iPhone models for less. When a new iPhone comes out, choosing refurbished makes a lot of sense because the price is simply lower than buying new.

There’s also something cool about knowing that when I’m done with the device, I can just send it Swappie and get money off the next one! It makes a lot of sense to me – particularly as the process of the selling the iPhone is really straightforward.

My picks!

Swappie asked me to pick a series I’ve tried and tested that suits my lifestyle. The Premium Series contains models with great cameras, sleek design and powerful processing chips – along with 100% capacity batteries and no signs of wear! Smart, high quality tech that’s right up my street 😉

Have a look and see if there’s something for you there!