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Buy or sell your phone
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Sell, upgrade or buy a phone using a phone ATM! The new Swappie phone ATMs have landed in three different cities: Tampere, Turku and Vantaa. The machines make selling and buying a phone easy, fast and reliable without separate delivery times. All possible transactions are done through the machine itself, in one sitting.

Here´s how it works

It´s that easy: sell, Upgrade or Buy!

Prepare your IOS DEVICE

How to Prepare your IOS DEVICE for the ATM

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Reset the phone

Delete all data from the phone by going to Settings > General > Transfer or Resend Phone > and clicking on ‘Reset All Content and Settings’
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Activate the device again

In order to save time, when you’re re-activating the phone, make sure to skip all available steps (i.e. activating Face ID)
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Disable Find My iPhone

Once you’ve made it back to the home screen, go to Settings > Your name / Apple ID (at the top of the screen) > Find My > Find My iPhone and toggle Find My iPhone off.

Make sure not to reset the phone again or do any other further procedures to the phone after disabling Find My iPhone. Having disabled FMI will ensure that there will be no trace of your Apple ID after the phone has been data-wiped again at our factory. In order for the ATM to check and verify your phone, you will need to display a specific “Device info” screen on the phone when depositing the phone in the ATM. This screen cannot be displayed on a device that has been reset. 


Why should you use Swappie’s phone ATMs?


Find your Swappie phone ATM

Myyrmanni shopping mall
The phone kiosk is located on the ground floor near the Paalutori entrance and opposite H&M.
Koskikeskus shopping mall
The phone kiosk is located next to the main entrance, between Otto ATM and the main entrance.
Skanssi shopping mall
The phone kiosk is located on the first floor, next to the elevators of Itäparkki.

FAQ & Help

Do you need help?

If you have any questions that you can’t find an answer for below, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service via the contact form on our website. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
We make all payments via bank transfer within the next business day of you leaving your phone in the machine. Safe, quick and easy!
The price we pay for your old phone is determined by the phone’s model, memory capacity, condition and current market value.
Your phone will be shipped to our factory. Our technicians will data-wipe the device utilizing industry-leading technology and refurbish the phone to be re-sold to another person. We’ll give your phone a whole new life!

Your phone should be erased of any personal data but still activated upon visiting the phone kiosk. If you have reset the device, please make sure that the home screen is visible, this is required for the machine to be able to check the condition of the phone. Please also remember to deactivate the FMI (Find My iPhone) function, this can be done by going to Settings > Apple ID / Your name at the top of the screen > Find My > Find My iPhone and toggling the function off.

You can cancel the sale at any point mid-process while you’re still at the phone ATM, and remove your phone from the machine. The sales decision is final once you’ve filled out your contact information and completed the entire process, however.
We guarantee perfect functionality for all of our devices. If you were to experience any problems with your phone and would like to have it repaired or replaced under Swappie’s warranty, you can do so by filling out our returns form here: After filling out the form, you will receive step-by-step email instructions on how to ship the device back, in addition to a pre-paid shipping label.

Once we have received your phone, we will repair or replace it within 5 business days. Please note that if your phone is water damaged, bent, or any glass parts have cracked, the Swappie warranty is voided.
If you wish to return your phone for a refund, you can do so within your free right to return period. However, if you’re unsatisfied with your phone or are experiencing issues with it, we suggest you send it to our warranty service and we will absolutely solve the issue for you! You can send the phone back to us, whether it be for a refund or warranty process, by filling out the returns form here: After filling out the form, you will receive step-by-step email instructions on how to ship the device back, in addition to a pre-paid shipping label.
Our condition categories describe the appearance of the phone only – they do not reflect the state of the battery or the functionality of the device. There are never any cracks in the phones’ screens, bodies or camera lenses. All the phones have been tested and are fully functional. Each phone comes with a Swappie Warranty™ and a free return right.