Sell and recycle your old phone at Swappie’s “Puhelimet rahaksi” tour

In August, Swappie will tour around Finland and buy used smartphones from consumers. Professionally refurbished iPhones will also be packed in the tour van, so that they can be tested in person and even purchased right away.

This summer, Swappie will bring its services closer to the consumers on a tour that extends from Helsinki to Oulu.

“Starting August 4, we will tour Finland with a van that stops at 28 locations. We will visit some cities more than once, so if you happen to miss the first chance, don’t worry, we’ll be back,” says Mikko Hagelberg, who works as Director of Consumer Purchasing at Swappie.

Swappie buys used phones from consumers and refurbishes them for reselling at its factories in Helsinki and Tallinn. This significantly extends the life cycle of each phone. Swappie’s technicians, who are highly skilled professionals, will also be on the summer tour.

“We run diagnostics on all phones to check that their IMEI codes are not in the global database of stolen phones. We also help our customers to transfer their data to the new phone and wipe the memory of the old phone. Of course, customers can also remove the data from their phone in advance if they wish to avoid queueing,” points out Hagelberg.

Some professionally refurbished mobile phones will also be packed in the van, so in the best case, customers can get an as-good-as-new iPhone straight away or within a couple of days at the latest, in which case the phone will be delivered straight to their home.

“It’s worth visiting the van and learning more about Swappie and its selection. All the devices can be tested, and our technicians will answer any further questions. Visiting the van is safe: We comply with current recommendations and take special measures to maintain a good level of hygiene. We do not accept cash, but the phones can be paid for with a card or even in installments.”

The price of the phone depends on the model, capacity, and external condition. A price estimate can be obtained in advance on Swappie’s website. In any case, even older phones are worth recycling, so that the materials can be recovered for use. Here are a few examples of the prices that Swappie pays:

iPhone 7: up to €100
iPhone 8: up to €150
iPhone X: up to €245
iPhone 11: up to €470

If you miss the tour, you can also easily post your phone to Swappie later with a prepaid shipping label or visit one of Swappie’s stores in Helsinki or Espoo. All the devices on sale are available in Swappie’s online store.

We encourage everyone to recycle their old phones and visit our tour!
On site, we will buy your used iPhone at a good price. We will inspect the device immediately. The payment will be made as a bank transfer, and it will be in your account within 1–2 business days. We also accept other phones and recycle them appropriately.

Tour calendar

4.8. Wed12-18NurmijärviKirkonkylän tori
4.8. Wed8-17LahtiLahden tori
5.8. Thu12-20TurkuYliopistonkatu
5.8. Thu12-20JyväskyläAren Aukio
6.8. Fri8-16RaumaRauman Kauppatori
6.8. Fri10-16VarkausTalumäki marketplace
7.8. Sat8-16PoriKauppatori Pori
7.8. Sat10-18JoensuuJoensuun tori
8.8. Sun10-18TurkuKauppakeskus Mylly
8.8. Sun8-14LappeenrantaKauppatori
11.8. Wed12-20PorvooTaidetehtaan aukio
11.8. Wed10-17HyvinkääHyvinkään tori
12.8. Thu12-20KouvolaKävelykatu Manski
12.8. Thu12-18YlöjärviK-Citymarket Ylöjärvi
13.8. Fri12-20MikkeliMikkelin tori
13.8. Fri12-20NokiaK-Citymarket Nokia
14.8. Sat12-20JyväskyläPihakadun Parklet
14.8. Sat10-18TampereTammelantori
15.8. Sun10-17KuopioSatamatori
15.8. Sun12-18LempääläIdeapark
18.8. Wed10-18KeravaKeravan keskus – puuvalonaukio
18.8. Wed12-18JärvenpääJärvenpään tori
19.8. Thu12-20LahtiK-Citymarket Laune
19.8. Thu12-20HämeenlinnaKauppakeskus Goodman
20.8. Fri10-18HyvinkääHyvinkään tori
20.8. Fri10-18KotkaMarket Kotka
21.8. Sat12-20HämeenlinnaHämeenlinnan tori
21.8. Sat10-18LappeenrantaKävelykatu Oleksi
22.8. Sun10-17TampereJugendtori
22.8. Sun12-18KouvolaKävelykatu Manski
25.8. Wed12-18KirkkonummiKirkkotori Event cancelled
25.8. Wed10-18KauniainenThurmaninaukio Event cancelled
26.8. Thu11-18TampereJugendtori
26.8. Thu11-19LohjaLohjan Kauppatori
27.8. Fri8-15SaloSalon tori
27.8. Fri12-19SeinäjokiSeinäjoen Keskustori
28.8. Sat12-20TurkuYliopistonkatu
28.8. Sat10-18VaasaVaasan kauppatori
29.8. Sun10-16LahtiLahden tori
29.8. Sun12-17OuluOulun tori