This is Swappie

Swappie is the no1 end-to-end online marketplace for buying and selling refurbished smartphones in Europe. In four years time we have grown from 3 people to now more than 900 people. And this is just the start! We help our customers in 15 countries to choose environmentally friendly and affordable ways to upgrade their smartphones. Buy smart, not new; it’s how we change consumer behavior in Europe and soon all around the world.

Swappie aims to accomplish the great mission to make refurbished electronics mainstream. We have a clear direction to make it happen by becoming the globally leading ecosystem for refurbished electronics, starting with smartphones.

Our values highlight who we are and how we accomplish our mission.

Endless Optimism: We make things possible beyond what is achievable today. We strive for tomorrow. We are relentless in searching for the right answers, not taking no for an answer.
Highest Standards: We are constantly seeking better ways of doing things and challenging ourselves to learn and grow. We are never complete.
Customer Focus: We always focus on the biggest impact and end result, over any volume of activity. We ensure our decisions are taken with our customer in focus.
Connect: We always assume the best. We are direct and transparent. We grow, celebrate and have fun together. 

We are constantly hiring new talents who are brilliant at what they do and match our values and culture. A couple of good reasons why you might love to work with us.

Become a part of our global team 

We are a diverse group of talented, ambitious, fun, kind, laid back and helpful people from more than 50 nationalities. Our neat offices are located in Helsinki, Amsterdam and Tallinn. And as you have probably guessed, our working language is English. 

Make a difference

By refurbishing smartphones to the highest standards, we reduce environmental waste, help our customers to make more sustainable choices and build a better tomorrow. Being part of the solution, not part of the pollution, thrives us every day.

Be yourself 

Our Diversity&Inclusion manifesto says it all and we are dead serious in making it happen every day and in everything we do: We are all unique. We create a diverse and inclusive workplace where we have equal opportunities to grow and where we feel safe and genuinely respected as the individuals who we are with our diverse backgrounds, experiences, races, ethnicities, religions, genders, gender identities, gender expressions and sexual orientations.

Be a part of our culture of trust

As we only have smart and insightful grownups working with us, we have plenty of freedom and responsibility that we use in the best interest of Swappie. We share information, learnings, insights, plans, successes and challenges transparently as we know that we are all in this together.

Learn and grow like never before

We want our people to enjoy working in the Swappie community and learn and grow like never before. We offer a wide range of development and growth opportunities for individuals and groups, and encourage our people to constantly seek new ways to do better and improve. 

Enjoy flexible working models

We apply two preferred working models to allow a maximal flexibility for our people: Flexible Work Model and In Person Work Model. In Person Work Model is applied to the ones whose position is tied to a certain place and time. The Flexible Work Model on the contrary applies to the ones who can complete their work anytime and anywhere. As a part of the Flexible Work Model, our people can work for 1 month per year abroad with certain restrictions regarding country and time zone, for example.  

Relocate easily

Moving to one of our offices is easier than you might think. No matter where you are moving from, we’re supporting you to make every step of the process as easy as possible for you and your loved ones.

See open jobs

Got interested in working with us? Great, because we’d love to hear from you. Check out our open positions and apply!  👉Swappie jobs – Lever