Swappie Buyback-Trade in Solutions

Swappie Buyback Trade-In Solution is now available

Buyback is the centerpiece for a circular economy, creating value for consumers and businesses as well as our planet.

Swappie’s innovative and easy-to-use smartphone buyback solution is now available to Carriers, Retailers and alike to provide the best customer experience in any environment, whether online or offline.

Our in-house developed solution is modular and can be tailored to your individual requirements and specific customer needs in your market.
The concept is based on voucher issuing for returned devices, enabling boosted sales volumes and upselling opportunities at your store. Our leading position in the European refurbished smartphone market allows us to offer the best pricing for your customers’ used devices no matter the phones’ condition. in different gradings

Our offering at a glance 

Easy Evaluation ProcessQuick device evaluation with only a few simple assessment steps
Competitive offerBest consumer buyback prices on the market coupled with store incentives per returned device
Store voucher generatorCustomers receive voucher to be spent on your offerings
Simple reverse logisticsSwappie owns the entire logistics process from the customer to our facilities

Collaboration opportunities and possibilities

To complement the buyback program, we will add value by co-developing projects and campaigns. Collaboration possibilities include utilisation of Swappie’s strong brand for co-sales and marketing purposes, as well as various opportunities around circularity and sustainability.

Our designated team will be happy to discuss the potential special projects that will be customized to serve your needs and business targets.

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