Swappie’s Pre-Black Week deals are here!

With Swappie, you can save up to €100 on a refurbished iPhone thanks to our Pre-Black Week deals. But why should you choose refurbished over a new device? Read on to find out why refurbished is the smart way to make even bigger savings – and do some good for the planet while you’re at it!

The latest models for less Buying refurbished is up to 30% cheaper than buying a new device – and who doesn’t love a deal? Combined with our amazing Pre-Black Week offers, it’s the perfect opportunity to get the latest models for less!

Swappie iPhones work like new Swappie is Europe’s largest iPhone refurbisher, and we own our whole refurbishment process. Before they leave our facilities in Europe, every one of our iPhones goes through a 52-step process of testing and refurbishment so you’ll always get what you ordered.

Good for you, good for the planet More than 85% of CO2 emissions connected with iPhones are emitted during the manufacturing process. Without this step, iPhone ownership becomes considerably more eco-friendly! E-waste is also the fastest growing form of waste worldwide – so why add to it? Buy refurbished and do something good for the planet!

12 month warranty Shop with confidence and get a minimum 12 month warranty as standard!