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Terms and Conditions for customer sales

Valid from the 21st of October 2022. Click here for the previous terms and conditions.

These terms apply when selling Your Phone to Swappie on the Swappie website. If You are not a private individual, please contact us at info@swappie.com.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before selling your Phone to Swappie. By selling your Phone, you accept Swappie’s terms. Swappie may, at its sole discretion, accept or decline the sale.

For the sake of clarity “Swappie” refers to Swappie Oy (business ID 2692328-4, address Itämerenkatu 3 A, 00180 Helsinki, Finland), a Finnish entity. “Swappie’s Facilities” refers to Swappie’s facilities at Työpajankatu 13, 00580 Helsinki, Finland.

Swappie Oy 

CVR-nummer FI26923284, 

Itämerenkatu 3 A, 00180 Helsinki, Finland, 

e-mail info@swappie.com 

Tlf. +45 89 88 11 76

1. Acceptance of terms and conditions

By selling Your Phone to Swappie and agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, You confirm that You are a private individual based in the EU area.

You are obligated to give Your full contact information, including Your name, billing and shipping address, active telephone number and email address. In addition, Swappie reserves the right to request from You additional information in relation to sales payments through our banking service. This information may include Your date of birth, place of birth, and nationality/citizenship. You are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information You provide Swappie and are liable for any and all costs caused by giving incorrect contact information or banking information. If You do not provide the requested information within 14 days, the Phone may be returned back to You and You will be liable for the shipping costs.

By selling Your Phone to Swappie, You confirm that You are the owner of the Phone and have the full right to sell and profit from it.

By selling Your Phone to Swappie, You confirm that You are of the required legal age to sell and profit from the Phone You attempt to sell to Swappie. If You are under the required legal age, You have obtained Your parent’s or guardian’s consent to sell Your Phone to Swappie.

You give Swappie full rights to investigate the Phone(s) for any missing parts and or damage. This may require Swappie to physically open the Phone(s).

Customer data is stored in Swappie’s customer register and is used for maintaining and managing customer relationships. More information about the processing of personal data can be found in Swappie’s Privacy Policy.

2. Terms of sale

Our offer is valid for 14 days from when we have sent the offer to you. After this period, Swappie has the right to update the price in accordance with the current changes in the market price.

Once Swappie has received your Phone and inspected it, Swappie may update the price offer based on the condition of the Phone to reflect its value at the time of inspection. If the price estimate is changed, Swappie will request your acceptance to the final price offer or you can choose to have your Phone returned to you free of charge.

The Package sent to Swappie should contain only one (1) Phone. If You are selling multiple Phones to Swappie, please pack them in separate packages. Packages which have more than one (1) Phone are considered dangerous goods, and You will assume all risk and responsibility if you incorrectly ship more than one Phone to Swappie’s Facilities.

After Swappie has received Your Package and once the final price offer has been accepted by You, the ownership of the Phone is immediately transferred to Swappie. You can cancel the sale at any time before sending the Phone to Swappie.

Any sales order and shipment made on Swappie’s site using a label provided by Swappie is your responsibility until the Package is delivered to Swappie’s facilities. You are free to choose another shipping provider at your own expense. If using another shipping provider, You must still include the Swappie shipping label inside the Package as this is how we identify Your Phone.

You are responsible for taking care of the contents of the package and its packaging. Swappie takes no responsibility if the package is lost or damaged during transport to Swappie’s facilities.

Do not send us any additional items (eg. original Apple box, SIM cards, cables, cases, etc.) with the parcel. 

Swappie occasionally accepts intact, unlisted models. In these cases, you must contact us by filling out our contact form.

If you are willing to sell more than 5 phones at the same time, Swappie reserves the right to ask for additional information about the ownership of the Phones.

2.1. Grading of the phone

Before selling Your Phone to Swappie, please erase the Phone. To erase Your Phone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Note that this will erase all data from Your Phone. All Phones sold to Swappie are erased by Swappie or a partner, however Swappie will not take responsibility for Phone(s) that You have not erased in accordance with the above. 

Swappie will not buy Phones that are water damaged, bent, have issues that indicate motherboard issues, have a faulty Touch ID, have Find My iPhone (FMI) enabled, have non-functional Face ID, have an irreparable crack in the Home button have connectivity issues (WIFI, GPS,  SIM, or bluetooth), or Phones that have been previously disassembled and reassembled using non-genuine Apple replacement parts.

You have 14 days to turn off the FMI after we have contacted You. after which the phone will be sent back to you.

Swappie does not buy Phones that are stolen. We check the phone’s legal status from the internationally compiled CheckMEND database. The phone must be an original Apple product.

If we cannot purchase Your Phone due to the reasons mentioned in these terms, and of which You should have been aware of, You are liable for the shipping costs for returning the Package.

2.1.1. Requirements for phones that we define as Almost new phone

All functions of an Almost New phone must be fully functional

  • The phone’s casing must be intact and not cracked or showing any signs of use.
  • All intact Phones must comply with the following criteria:
    • The phone must be able to be switched on and off normally.
    • The phone has a battery and a no scratches on the back
    • The back and cover glass of the Phone must not have scratches.
    • The screen must be intact and fully functional and must not be cracked, have light spots, darkened areas or other color spots.
    • The screen glass, frame and touch screen sensor are intact.
    • The phone must not be bent.
    • All parts in the Phone must be original.
    • The phone’s biometric sensor (Touch ID/Face ID) must work.
    • The display frame must correspond to the original, e.g., a model of a particular colour must have a display matching that colour.
    • The Phone must not be water or fire damaged.

If one or more of these requirements are not met, the updated price offer may be lower than the original price offer.

2.1.2. Definition of a Damaged Phone

The display glass and/or touch screen is damaged or the display has dead pixels. In addition, the Phone may also have other errors from the following list:

  • A faulty battery (the Phone does not turn on or reboots).
  • The phone screen is loose.
  • There is no sound from the speakers or when an AUX cable is connected to the phone.
  • One or more of the microphones is not working.
  • The volume, mute, and/or power button does not work or works poorly.
  • The rear camera does not work or works poorly (focusing problems, shaking or visible dark spots in the rear lens).
  • Front or back camera lens cracked.
  • The camera flash does not work.
  • The proximity sensor does not work.
  • The back glass and/or frame is cracked or detached.
  • The charging port is faulty (the Phone does not charge or the port is loose/ malformed).
  • The vibration function does not work.s
  • The Phone has missing parts.
  • The force touch feature does not work.
  • The Phone is able to charge, but it does not connect to a computer (“No data” fault).
  • Wireless charging does not work.
  • NFC (Near-field Communication) chip does not work.

Note! Even if the Phone is completely destroyed, it may still have a resale value if the motherboard is undamaged.

2.1.3. Definition of a recycled phone

By default, a Phone that cannot be categorized into any of the above condition categories will fall into the Recycled category. More specifically, if the Phone displays one or more of the following errors, it will automatically be classified as Recycled:

  • The Phone cannot make a call.
  • The phone shows problems that indicate motherboard issues:
    • The Phone does not record audio files in any format.
    • The “No Service” message on the mobile indicator is permanently displayed or the device doesn’t activate.
    • The phone has a non-functional GPS / Compass (“Gyro”).
    • There is a software error showing on the “Hello” screen (iTunes won’t connect to the Phone or reset factory settings).
    • There is no sound coming from the speakers or when an AUX plug is connected to the Phone, or one or more of the microphones do not work due to Audio IC issue.
  • The phone does not connect to the network (Wi-Fi).
  • For iPhone models 11 and above, if the replacement screen of the Phone does not meet Swappie’s standards or the screen is not original and shows the “Important Display Message”.
  • For iPhone models 12 and above, if the camera is not original.
  • The phone is bent.
  • The Phone is water damaged.
  • The Home button is cracked and/or does not work or works poorly.
  • The Phone has a non-functional Touch ID or Face ID.
  • Bluetooth does not work. 
  • The Phone does not recognise SIM cards.
  • The phone is locked by a carrier. Swappie does not buy phones that are locked by the carrier. Swappie can offer DKK 40 to be able to recycle them (reimbursement is equivalent to the amount of €5 depending on the currency exchange rate at the time). Swappie cannot act on your behalf and contact the provider to unlock the Phone.
  • The phone is an iPhone 7, model A1660.

2.2. Phones not Eligible for Sale

For iPhone models 7 and below, Swappie does not offer any compensation, regardless of the state of the Phone. Swappie also does not buy Blacklisted or MDM locked Phones. Due to shipping restrictions Swappie cannot purchase phones with damaged batteries.

2.2.1. Blacklisted Phones

If the Phone is found to have a record indicating it is lost or stolen, or Swappie becomes aware of any other issues related to its ownership (eg blacklisted), Swappie will notify you by email and quarantines the Phone for an initial period of 14 days (“Quarantine Period”). Payment for the Phone is withheld by Swappie until the CheckMEND record does not show the Phone as stolen or lost.

In such circumstances, you will be required to contact the seller, store, carrier or third party that sold you the Phone to prove that you are the rightful owner of the Phone, obtain the lost or stolen records associated with it, deleted within the Quarantine Period and resolve any other issues related to its ownership.

If the Phone is deleted from the CheckMEND database during the Quarantine Period and other ownership issues have been resolved, your sale will be processed and paid for as normal.

If the Phone is not cleared in the CheckMEND database within 30 days, Swappie will hand over the Phone to the authorities. You will not receive any Payment if such steps are taken.

Under no circumstances can Swappie return or pay for a Phone that is lost, stolen or registered as such, unless authorized in writing by CheckMEND, in which case you agree to pay any return costs.

If you have received Payment from Swappie for a Phone where Swappie subsequently becomes aware of a question of ownership, you agree to reimburse Swappie in full immediately, within 3 business days of a written request from Swappie, for such Payment pending an investigation is made by Swappie or a law enforcement agency about the ownership of the Phone.

If Swappie at any time becomes aware of any issues relating to the ownership of the Phone, You agree to cooperate with Swappie fully with a view to resolving the issue. This may require contact with the police and/or other law enforcement authorities.

If the phone You sold to Swappie gets the Blacklist status after the Payment, Swappie holds the right to contact You and ask for the Payment reimbursement.

You are responsible to check the Phone’s Blacklist status and reimburse the full price to Swappie if removing the Blacklist status is impossible. After Swappie receives the Payment reimbursement, the Phone will be shipped back to you.

2.2.2. MDM -locked phones (Mobile Device Management)

MDM Locked Phones refers to the state of a mobile device that is owned by a company and monitored and managed by the company’s security software, usually a company or group. MDM locked devices cannot be purchased from Swappie under any circumstances because you do not own the rights to sell or make a profit on the device. The device will be shipped directly back to you at Swappie’s expense. However, should there be any reasonable doubt that you knew about the Phone’s status when you sent the order, Swappie reserves the right to charge you for the delivery costs.

3. Payment

The price paid for the Phone is based on the model, memory and condition of the Phone. Swappie tests all Phones with industry leading software.

Swappie will pay the price estimate if the Phone is in the condition You have stated. If the Phone is in better condition than You have stated, or it contains a larger memory, You may receive a higher Payment. The Payment may also be smaller if the Phone is in worse condition than You have stated. In the latter case, Swappie will send You a confirmation email that You need to approve in order to proceed with the Payment. Otherwise, You can ask the Phone to be sent back for free.

If You believe that the Phone returned to You is, for some reason, not in the same condition as it was when You originally sent it to us, please contact our customer service for an investigation as soon as possible, preferably within 72h hours after receiving the Phone back.

If the Package is not picked up after it has been shipped back to You, and it is returned to Swappie’s Facilities, You are responsible for the shipping costs if You ask for the parcel to be shipped back to You again.

Once the final price offer has been accepted by you, You release your rights to pursue any claims regarding the ownership of the Phone. You will not be able to have your phone returned and the price will be final. You must bear in mind that You are solely responsible and liable for any mistakes regarding the Bank Information You have provided.

Swappie reserves the right to charge any bank investigation fees should You ask for further verification of transactions made to Your account. Fees must be transferred to Swappie’s bank account before Swappie proceeds with any investigation-related procedures.

You must complete all the necessary information on the online sales form in order for Swappie to make the Payment within the promised time frame. Swappie aims to process the Payment before the next business day after the Phone has arrived at Swappie’s facilities. However, Swappie’s verification process may be affected by unexpected circumstances, which may delay the process by a few days.

Once the Payment has been forwarded, the seller has released its right to pursue any claim to ownership of the unit. Any refunds or additional compensation must be resolved by contacting Swappie’s customer service.

You must immediately inform Swappie’s customer service of any irregularities in connection with the Payment. Should Swappie mistakenly pay you more than agreed, please refund the difference from the original amount within 7 days of the Payment being made. Swappie has the right to demand to receive the overpaid funds and to take further legal action if the situation requires it.

4. Contact

You have the right to contact Swappie at any time if there are problems with the agreement between you and Swappie. If you cannot download a shipping label or if you experience other problems, please contact our customer service via info@swappie.com or phone +45 89 88 11 76.