Myth-Busting refurbished smartphones

We need your help. That’s right, YOU. Swappie is on a mission to make refurbished mainstream, but there are 5 myths standing in our way. Which is why we need you to eliminate those misconceptions by becoming a real-life myth-buster. (That’s right, a myth-buster, not a ghost-buster…unfortunately). 

So what are we talking about? Our team wants to hear what your experience was like shopping for a refurbished smartphone from Swappie. Were you nervous you’d receive a phone with a battery life of 50% but you actually received a phone with 100% battery life? Or maybe you were worried that it would function slowly but when you opened the box it worked just like new. 

Whatever your story is, we want you to tell us about it in a short 10-30 second video. And for the videos that are the most inspiring and creative, we will use those in our advertising and the creators will receive a voucher for 300 Euros and the chance to win an iPhone 12 Pro. 

Together we can make refurbished mainstream.

What are the 5 myths?

Below you’ll find the 5 myths that are standing in our way, along with how Swappie is debunking these misconceptions.

  1. Refurbished means used
  • A used phone is not tested, serviced, sanitized, or guaranteed. While a Swappie refurbished smartphone undergoes a process of heavy examination and repair by specialists.
  1. Refurbished smartphone battery will not last long enough
  • We always check and test the condition of each iPhone’s battery, which must be above 80%. If it is not, we replace it. 
  1. Refurbished Smartphones won’t function as a new smartphone
  • Our refurbishment process requires each iPhone to undergo 52 tests to verify its functionality. If some parts need to be replaced, we use high-quality replacement parts. 
  1. If a refurbished smartphone costs less than new, some defects must be there 
  • All devices sold by Swappie have like-new performance, and any defects relate only to the aesthetic condition of the device. That is why we offer three different aesthetic conditions of iPhones that have different price ranges.
  1. What if the seller is unreliable?
  • It is highly important for us to maintain the trust of our customers. Therefore every Swappie order includes free returns, 12 month warranty and a very helpful and friendly customer service.

Guidelines for the video content: 

  • What are you creating: You will create a short video sharing your experience with one of the myths listed above. Feel free to get creative with the video. Do you still have the Swappie box? It would be great to see it in the video!
  • What to talk about: Considering the 5 myths, what were the thoughts before and after you received the phone. Maybe you were nervous you’d only have a battery with 80% but you received a phone with 100% battery life. You were worried that it would function slowly but when you opened the box it worked just like new. 
  • How old do you need to be to participate?: 18 years old
  • How long should the video be: 10-30 second videos 
  • How to send the video: Send the content via to the email address latest by 3/10/2022

We want to help you create a high-quality video, and reduce the risk of any miscommunication. 

Here are some further guidelines to help you create the best content.

  • Clean background, whether indoors or outdoors with no background noise.
  • Speak straight to the camera, or at least show your face as you interact with the phone.
  • If possible, the Swappie box can be in the video. 
  • Don’t use filters that may alter the phone’s appearance, e.g. grainy filters that may give the appearance of marks on the phone.

How to submit your video?

All you need to do in order to participate is to upload your video at WeTransfer and send the link in an email with your name and country to Our amazing community managers will be ready to receive your video. If you are one of the lucky participants whose content will be chosen, we’ll make sure to contact you, if you are the winner of the raffle that involves the iPhone 12 pro, we’ll make sure to contact you as well. 

Content needs to be sent latest by the 3rd of October and all participants whose content got chosen for advertising will be contacted latest by the 10th of October. The winner of the iPhone 12 pro raffle will be contacted on the 10th of October as well.

Why should you participate? 

Besides joining our movement to make refurbished mainstream. You’ll also have a chance to win an iPhone 12 Pro! Yes you read that right. When you send in your video material, you will automatically take part in the raffle of an iPhone 12 Pro.

Our team will also choose the most creative and inspiring videos to be in our advertising. Those creators will be awarded with a voucher worth 300 euros. 

Examples of how the video should look like:


  1. Who Organizes the Contest?

The Organizer of the contest is Swappie Oy, a Finnish limited liability company (business ID 2692328-4, address Itämeren3katu 3 A, 00180 Helsinki, Finland). The contest objective is to promote a branded message and communicate 5 different myths in the refurbished category to our audience. 

  1. Who Can Participate in the Contest?

Any private individual over the age of 18 and resident in Denmark, Finland, Ireland or Sweden is eligible to participate in the Competition. Organizer reserves the right to check the eligibility of participants in this competition and to request proof of age and identity.

  1. Rules for participants

By submitting Your video You agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions provided herein. The organizer may disqualify any participant who does not comply with these Terms and Conditions. Entries of photos or videos of disqualified participants will be withdrawn from the Competition. 

The participant is responsible for the accuracy of the required information. Organizer accepts no liability for incomplete or inaccurate information. Providing false personal data may result in disqualification from the Competition.

Entries via agents or third parties are invalid.

  1. What is the timeline of the contest?

The contest will start on the 30th of September 2022 and it will end on the3rd of October 2022, end of the day.

  1. Instructions to enter the contest

You can participate in the Competition by fulfilling the following: 

Submit a 10-30 second video discussing your experience with one of the myths listed above. Provide a link with the video, your name and country in the email and send it to

  1. Prize

One participant will be selected as the winner. The prize consists of an iPhone 12 Pro from

  1. Selection of the winner

One (1) winner will be selected randomly by the organizer. Participants can only win if they have followed all the guidelines for participation as mentioned in these Terms and Conditions. If the Organizer becomes aware that a selected winner has not complied with any part of these Terms and Conditions, the Organizer reserves the right to choose an alternative winner.

  1. Selection of content

The participants who’s content the organizer seem fit to use for advertisement, will be chosen. The participants whose content will be chosen are offered a voucher worth 300 euro to

  1. Timeline

Content needs to be sent latest by the 3rd of October and all participants whose content got chosen for advertising will be contacted latest by the 10th of October. The winner of the iPhone 12 pro raffle will be contacted on the dd of mm as well.

  1. How the winner of the raffle is informed

The winner are announced via email. The winner will have 14 days to claim their prize. If a winner cannot be contacted after 3 attempts, they will forfeit the prize. 

If a winner forfeits their prize, the Organizer reserves the right to award the Prize to an alternative winner selected in the same manner.

  1. Content usage

Participants in the Competition provide their irrevocable consent to assign their ownership rights in their winning photos or videos to Swappie, including but not limited to, the copyright thereto. The acquisition of ownership rights by Swappie covers all territories worldwide, shall remain royalty-free and is valid for the whole duration of the intellectual property rights therein. 

The participants shall possess all relevant agreements of the author(s) and provide proof by way of documentary evidence. Upon request from Swappie, the participants agree to provide proof of ownership or license to use of all necessary rights referred to above.

  1. Monetary compensation

If Swappie chooses to use the content in the 5 myths campaign, the participant is awarded with a voucher worth 300 euros to The voucher will be eligible for use only once and cannot be split into different orders.

The voucher will be eligible for use 2 years after the voucher has been received.

  1. Use of personal information

Personal data collected in connection to the Competition will be processed in accordance with applicable Data Protection Laws and our Privacy Policy for the proper implementation and processing of the Competition and in particular for sending the prize. Except for the purpose of this Competition, including subsequent promotions as stated in these Terms and Conditions, the Organizer will not disclose to any third party any personal information including but not limited to, the participant’s name, age, address, telephone number, and email address. Personal information will only be used in connection with the Competition. 

At any time, participants are allowed to ask the Organiser to modify, update, clarify or remove these personal data. To exercise Your data subject’s rights please email us at

If You ask to be added to our mailing list, we will keep You updated with information on our services by email. If at any point You would like to be removed from that list please let us know by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any marketing email You receive.

  1. Limitation of liability

The participants shall indemnify and hold Swappie harmless for all damages and costs incurred due to claims brought by any third party including authors and intermediaries for any breach of any intellectual, industrial or other property right based on Swappie’s use of the video and in breach of the Terms and Conditions herein. The participants undertake not to transfer or grant any of the rights in their videos to any third party pending the duration of the Competition.

  1. Changes to the terms and conditions

The Organizer reserves the right to amend these Terms where reasonable and to change the course of the competition and/or modify the nature and scope of the prize.