Swappie’s guide to our phone conditions

A large part of our service is that we offer iPhones in different cosmetic categories. You have the opportunity to choose from our 3 condition categories: Excellent, very good and acceptable Our condition categories describe the appearance of the phone only and all of our phones work like new, from hardware (the buttons) to software (updated to the newest IOS) regardless of the condition. Our conditions are purely how it looks, not how it performs.

It can be difficult to know what to expect from our cosmetic conditions. The following information will provide you with an idea and visualise what each category means and what to expect. Please note, these pictures are for guidance only and do not represent all the phones we sell.


It can be difficult to see any signs of wear on the condition excellent. This is because all signs of wear are minimal but can occur. From the picture, we can see that there are minimal scratches on the backside and screen. It can easily happen that there are only scratches on the back, screen or frame. Are you okay with a minor scratch or two and ready to save some money compared to excellent? Then the excellent condition is no doubt for you!

Very good

The very good condition category is our 3rd available option. Compared to the two other conditions above, you can expect more visible signs of wear on the phone. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly choice, then very good is the condition for you. From the pictures, you can see scratches on the screen and back glass. The phone will have visible signs of wear, such as scratches, dents or other marks.

So you have the opportunity to get a fully functioning phone at an amazing price compared to new one.  If you include a case with your purchase (sold separately and available after adding a phone to your shopping cart), it can still work out as cheaper overall than our Like New condition category, and nobody will be able to tell the difference anyway!


Finally, we have the condition category Acceptable. This is by far our most budget-friendly choice. You can expect a phone with clear signs of wear. You can visualise how this looks from the pictures below. The scratches are deeper than the other conditions on the front and back. Scratches, dents and other marks on the frame can also occur, though we can recommend buying a case for these to hide them.

It is important to mention that the phone will function like new and is professionally refurbished to be as good as new internally. You will be able to use all the apps and features you’re used to. Are you more of a bargain hunter and someone who cares more about the inside rather than the outside? Then this condition is 100% for you.