Whoever you love, love the planet

Valentines Day is upon us, and whether you find yourself seated across from your partner, friends, family, or even your pet this Valentines Day, why not rethink The Day of Love, and get paid to do some good for the planet?

That’s right – you can show some love to Mother Earth and earn cash. It’s simple – rummage around in a draw and see if you can find one of those old iPhones you have lying around. When you inevitably pull one out, get online and sell it to Swappie. It’s quick and easy – and a simple way to show some love for the planet. That’s because e-waste is the fastest growing form of waste on our beautiful home (I’m sure you can imagine!), so by taking your old device and selling it to Swappie it means we can refurbish it and let someone else use it. What was once yours, becomes theirs. It’s part of what we and people like us call The Circular Economy. Then, you can then either keep the cash and treat yourself or someone special, or put it towards your next refurbished device!

There’s more though. Why not sell an old iPhone to Swappie – and get a refurbished device for someone you care about? What’s more romantic than saying “I want to be in contact with you all the time. And also send you pictures of sweet dogs and cats with funny hats on”? Not much, we recon. You can also tell them, that by using this iPhone – they are also in turn doing some good for the planet, in fact – they’re joining a revolution, of sorts. Which also sounds quite romantic, if you ask us. You’ll also introduce someone to the world of refurbished devices – and that can only be a good thing, because the more of us that choose refurbished the more CO2 emissions associated with the production of new devices we’ll avoid!

So, why not try it today? And take the opportunity to do a little good for yourself, for others and the planet.

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