5 things to consider before buying a refurbished smartphone

Smartphones are increasingly part of our daily lives these days. Whether it’s because they’re our main work tool or simply because we like to keep up to date, upgrades to more advanced technological devices are progressively more recurrent. For this reason, the market options have become more diversified and with an increasingly competitive value proposition.

Because the decision to invest in the purchase of a new device should not only consider saving your wallet but also the environment, today we share some suggestions on what to consider before buying a refurbished phone:

Do some research, compare prices, and check if the stores are certified and trustworthy

Brainstorm before actually buying. It’s important to make a list of all the things you need in a new smartphone – size, memory, camera quality, and then make sure that the refurbished phone has all those things.  

Research to understand all the options on the market, and more importantly, make sure that the store is certified and trustworthy. Ideally, you should opt to buy reconditioned appliances from certified stores, as they are always subjected to extensive testing to ensure they are of the highest quality. 

See reviews from other consumers about the store and the phone

Reading reviews, not only about the device but also about the stores themselves, is crucial to strengthening the feeling of trust. It is worth checking forums to understand what other consumers say about the product and company. 

One example of a source is Trustpilot, where it is possible to see if the company is trustworthy, through testimonials and reviews from other consumers.

Understanding if there is a possibility of selling the old smartphone 

There are many reasons you would decide to buy a new device. It could be that you want to get the newest model, or maybe your phone has already started to show its age. No matter the reason, have you considered selling your old device?

This contributes to the reduction of electronic waste by bringing this equipment back into the circular economy but also allows the consumer to recoup part of the investment by selling the old electronic device and buying a new one, respectively. 

Opt for a smartphone in the best condition whenever possible 

Reconditioned smartphones come in various states or quality ratings. Ideally, to ensure maximum efficiency and usability, you should opt for a smartphone in the best condition whenever possible. In addition to the exterior appearance of the phone, it is very important to also test all features, including Wi-Fi connection, mobile network, fingerprint, whether the screen has the touch sensitivity, and battery condition. 

Understand the difference between refurbished and second-hand smartphones

Finally, although they are still often confused, there is a difference between second-hand or used smartphones. Reconditioned smartphones undergo an exhaustive and rigorous high-tech process to ensure that the consumer receives it intact as if it were a new device. Second-hand or used smartphones are delivered exactly as they are, without any alteration or improvement. 

As you can see, refurbished smartphones are a good option to consider when you need a new device. You might worry about the condition of the device or even how it compares to a new one, but the truth is that many people buy and use these devices with no problems at all, and they may be the only option for some people if new devices are more expensive than they can afford right now. Either way, giving these phones a chance is an excellent way to lower your environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.