Swappie Joins Right to Repair

At Swappie we are on a mission to make refurbished electronics mainstream by supporting consumers to buy smart, not new. However for devices to last longer, they need to be more repairable. 

So today we are announcing that we are joining the Right to Repair campaign, a coalition gathering over 80 organisations across 18 European markets advocating for a universal right to repair. 

We look forward to contributing to the work of the campaign to transform the market and offer consumers across Europe more sustainable options when buying electronic devices.

Right To Repair

The Right to Repair campaign was launched in September 2019 and has grown to a group of +80 organisations ranging from industry to civil society all active on the issue of the right to repair. Managed from Brussels (via the Restart Project) the coalition coordinates campaigns and policy action across 16 European countries to promote a universal right to repair. 

Our mission 

An estimated 700 million smartphones are either hibernating in European homes or thrown to waste once replaced with new devices. This results in recycling less than 15% of phones. At Swappie, we hope to reduce e-waste and improve the circular economy by refurbishing old phones to function like new.

Joining Right to Repair is another step in our mission to save the world by contributing to the circular economy.

You can follow the work of the campaign by signing up to their newsletter.