Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Swappie

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Swappie

Swappie takes pride in having a talented team from all corners of the world. We are +1100 people from +60 nationalities who all share the same mission to make refurbished electronics mainstream.

Diversity, equity and inclusion is an integral part of our culture, and closely integrated with our value connect. It’s at the same time our reality and our journey towards a workplace where everyone feels safe and genuinely respected as the true selves who they are with their diverse backgrounds, experiences, races, ages, ethnicities, religions, genders, gender identities, gender expressions and sexual orientations.

“We are committed to creating the best workplace for all our people – not just the majority of us.

We are looking to make diversity, equity and inclusion our superpower. This will help us feel safe, respected and have a sense of belonging for who we are. But not only that. It also unlocks our ability and willingness to solve problems, thrive, innovate and build a more sustainable and profitable business.”

Sami Marttinen, CEO and Co-Founder of Swappie

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy is built upon four pillars: increase awareness, boost belonging, hire inclusively and ensure equal opportunities. Our aspirations are high, and we still have a lot to do. Knowing that we can learn and get better every day keeps us excited and busy to pursue our strategy.

Building a diverse, equal and inclusive workplace is about having right awareness, tangible commitment and most importantly, wise decisions and actions to make change happen. It’s also about excitement to discover new and get better every day.

Let’s now look at what we are currently working on to become the best workplace for our people:

We increase awareness
We provide training, events and workshops to help everyone build and enjoy a diverse, equal and inclusive workplace. We also give tools and guidelines so that our people know what to do if things go wrong.

We boost belonging
We develop our culture and leadership to support inclusion and belonging. We measure regularly how our people are doing and improve constantly.  We encourage our people to create communities to strengthen the feeling of support and belonging. And yes, as diversity and inclusion make our lives more joyful and interesting, we organize cultural celebrations throughout the year.

Image opens a video of a cultural celebration at Swappie!

We hire inclusively
As we know that it all starts with hiring, we develop communication, models and practices to attract, hire and onboard diverse talent. We also focus on internal hiring to support career growth and development.

We ensure equal opportunities
Hiring and onboarding diverse talent is far from being enough. We want to be an equal opportunity employer and ensure that everyone has fair and equal chances to thrive and grow based on performance and competencies. Here we focus on pay equity, promotions and internal rotation.

Diversity, equity and inclusion at Swappie:

When it comes to diversity, we are currently

  • + 1100 employees
  • 66 nationalities
  • 35% female employees
  • 36% female leaders
  • 40% females in the executive team
  • 65% non-native employees
  • 35% non-native leaders

And when it comes to the experience of inclusion, this is how our people rate it currently in our bi-weekly pulses and culture survey:

  • 4,4 / 5 “I find that Swappie is an inclusive workplace where I feel safe and genuinely respected as the individual who I am.”

Our first targets in the journey of becoming a truly diverse, equal and inclusive workplace are to increase the representation of female employees and female leaders and increase the experience of inclusion across the company. By 2024 our goal is to

  • Have 40% female employees and 40% female leaders
  • Improve the experience of inclusion across the organization, target rate 4,7 / 5 (“I find that Swappie is an inclusive workplace where I feel safe and genuinely respected as the individual who I am” )

Building a truly diverse, equal and inclusive workplace is a long and exciting journey. The data and experiences of our people show that we are on a good track. At the same time, it’s important to acknowledge that there is still plenty to do. We’re going to be busy and enthusiastic in the days and years ahead to learn and improve every day and we’ll continue to hold ourselves accountable in this work.

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