Every day is Earth Day

Hi, I’m Yana, the Sustainability Hero at Swappie. My role here at Swappie is to focus on Sustainability Reporting and Carbon Footprint Projects Management. That means that it’s my job to make sure that Swappie is doing everything we can to make more sustainable choices and be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Now sustainability might not excite all of you the way it does me, but I think that it’s where creativity, science, and cooperation genuinely come together! Sustainability creates innovative thinking and lets you be a part of positive change, even when taking small actions.

And now that Earth Day has arrived, it’s the one time of the year everybody focuses on taking sustainable actions to help the environment. But as global citizens, wouldn’t it be even nicer if we took care of the planet daily. That is what we do at Swappie!

Our team works tirelessly to find new and innovative ways to help the planet through sustainable initiatives. Today, I’d like to share the five sustainability initiatives we have been developing. And we will continue to do so each day – since every day is Earth Day at Swappie!

Fewer gas emissions, more trees

We aim to conduct our operations mindfully of the environment and by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Each time our customers buy a refurbished phone from Swappie, they are helping the planet the same as growing one tree.

In 2021 alone, we helped to save enough tons of carbon dioxide – to have grown kilometers of forest.  

New life for our phones

You know how they say cats have nine lives. Well, Swappie devices have two lives, and sometimes more. Every day we give a second life to pre-loved iPhones with the 3 + 1R concept: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Repair. We reduce e-waste. Reuse all functional parts. Recycle what’s leftover. And repair all phones in-house!

Swappie’s business idea revolves around this concept, and we have joined the Right to Repair campaign to transform the market and offer consumers more sustainable options.

Less e-waste 

Did you know that e-waste is the leading form of waste? Yeah, that’s right, which is why Swappie works to reduce and responsibly recycle all e-waste. But how are we doing this?  

We do it in different ways, such as collecting and recycling old phones from our customers and cooperating with EPR Finland and Kuusakoski to recycle 100% of the e-waste from our operations. Swappie also uses sorting bins and educational posters reminding our employees to be mindful about waste sorting. Although this might seem like a small thing at first, doing this daily can considerably impact the environment. 

Recyclable materials for Swappie products                            

We mentioned earlier we gave new life to phones, but we also help to reuse cardboard! Every Swappie phone we carefully place in sustainable packaging is designed and made with 100% renewable, eco-friendly, and recyclable materials.

Why should we use plastic when we can rely on fantastic sustainable solutions?

Let’s spread the word. 

Sustainability is part of Swappie’s culture, and we want all our employees and community to embrace this global mission through responsible consumption and circularity.

In 2021, we collaborated with international organizations such as Plastic Change and CO2 Hero to help reduce plastic and e-waste and motivate customers to create environmentally positive habits. We also made our “Puhelimet Rahaksi” tour last summer in Finland, encouraging people to get familiar with the concept of refurbished electronics and sustainability.

And for this year, we have even more exciting things coming on – stay tuned!

While these initiatives we are taking might seem enormous compared to what you can do, it is pretty simple to make more sustainable choices – just do less! Consume less, buy less, and spend less whenever and wherever you can. Starting with doing less, you can do much more for the environment and make every day Earth Day.