How much is my iPhone worth?

Hands holding an iphone

Anyone looking to sell their old iPhone must have the same question in mind: “How much is my iPhone worth?” That is a reasonable question as Apple has released more than 10 generations of iPhones so far. These add up to an impressive number of different iPhone models to choose from. On top of that, the storage capacity of a smartphone is going to affect its value as well, not to mention the device’s condition and age if the device is used.

If you are looking to sell your old iPhone to add some money to your wallet, you have come to the right place. Especially if you are also planning to buy a replacement for your old Apple iPhone, Swappie can help!

We sell high quality refurbished iPhones, spanning a variety of iPhone models as well as phones in four different conditions and all the available sizes of storage capacity and phone colours.

How to check the value of my Apple iPhone model?

The process of checking the value of your iPhone is not as hard as you might think – at least with Swappie where both sending your old iPhone and getting paid for it is fast and easy. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions about your old iPhone and its current condition. Make sure to answer truthfully, so the price estimate is as accurate as possible. Don’t be afraid if your iPhone is slightly damaged – you can get paid even for a broken iPhone.

Answer the following questions when estimating how much your iPhone is worth:

  1. What is the model of your iPhone?
  2. What is the storage capacity of the device?
  3. Does the phone function normally?
  4. Is the phone’s display intact and in a good condition?
  5. Are there scratches on the iPhone’s body and display?
  6. Are there any cracks on the device and its glass parts?
  7. What is the overall condition of the device? Is it bent, been in contact with water or are any features not working properly?

You can get an estimation of your old iPhone’s worth in just a few clicks by visiting the Sell-page on our website.

What is the process of selling an old iPhone?

After answering these questions, you will receive an estimate of the iPhone’s value. If you want, you can proceed to the next step of the selling process by ordering a free shipping label for your iPhone. Make sure to clear your iPhone before selling it.

After you have shipped your old iPhone and we have received it, our professional technicians will inspect your device. Our experts will evaluate if the estimate of your iPhone’s condition was correct and will make sure that everything is removed from the device for good. Because of this, we recommend that you make a backup of your old device before selling it. Read how you can backup your iPhone.

If our estimate of your Apple iPhone and its condition does not match the information you have provided, we will send a new price offer. At this point, you may either accept or decline the new offer. If after receiving the new price you no longer wish to sell us your old iPhone, we’ll ship it back to you for free. 

How much does a refurbished iPhone cost?

Not surprisingly, many factors can affect the price of used and refurbished iPhones. As with selling your iPhone, when buying a refurbished iPhone the price of the device is determined by its model, storage capacity and, most importantly, the phone’s condition. In addition to these, the overall supply and demand of different models affect the device’s price.

To provide a great deal for the customer, we at Swappie offer refurbished iPhones at a reasonable price. By providing iPhones in four different conditions, ‘Acceptable’, ‘Good’, ‘Very Good’ and ‘Like New’, we offer refurbished iPhones in a wide variety of price levels.

No matter which iPhone model or option you choose, Swappie’s professionally refurbished iPhones are always cheaper than brand new Apple smartphones. On top of that, we offer an extensive 12-month Swappie-warranty and a free 14-day right to return the device if you change your mind.

Which refurbished iPhone models can I buy?

Getting a refurbished smartphone is a smarter choice than buying a brand new iPhone. In addition to saving money, when you opt for a refurbished iPhone, you are contributing to a greener world with less electronic waste. Check out Swappie’s entire selection of professionally refurbished and reliable iPhones today! Before buying, make sure to also sell us your old iPhone, in case you have one lying around.