How do I sell my phone?

When your mobile phone starts to feel old and in need of an upgrade to a newer model, before buying a new one, ask yourself “Can I sell my phone?” Even if you no longer have a need for your old, used and perhaps broken phone, it can be turned into money. Fortunately, many mobile phone recyclers are willing to buy old, used and even faulty mobile phones. In case you are looking for one, you have come to the right place.

We here at Swappie are more than happy to buy your old Apple iPhone. Swappie is a trusted and professional reseller of old and used iPhones. After buying your mobile phone, we inspect and refurbish it to be sold forward. That way your old iPhone will get a new home and you can get some money to be put towards buying a new one. If you are interested, read on and we will tell you how you too can sell your old mobile phone.

How do I sell my mobile phone to Swappie?

When selling your old and used phone, you might be asking yourself some questions. In this article, we will go through each question one at a time:

  1. What is the value of my phone?
  2. What to do before selling my phone?
  3. How to pack my phone for shipping?
  4. How do I send my phone for inspection?
  5. When and how do I get paid?

1. Phone value

There are a few factors that affect how much you can get paid for your old and used mobile phone. Most importantly, the value of your phone depends on the phone’s model and overall condition. Newer phone models are more valuable than older ones. In case you are looking to sell an older phone model, make sure to check that your phone is accepted in the first place. 

Damage to your phone will naturally decrease the price the buyer is willing to pay. However, your phone does not have to be fully functional in order to be sold. Some parts, like the phone’s battery, camera lens and speaker can be either repaired or replaced with a new, working part. You can get paid for your phone despite some cosmetic damage, such as scratches and cracks. Check out Swappie’s Sell your iPhone -page to see how much you can get for your old Apple iPhone.

2. Checklist before selling your old mobile phone

There are a few things you should do before selling your phone. Make sure to do the following:

After you have checked that you have done these steps, all data from your old device is safe and the next owner can use your phone as well. You can read more about clearing your phone before selling it.

3. Packing your phone

It is important to make sure that the phone is packed well, so it arrives to us safely and without any additional damage. To do that, use either a box or a padded envelope for shipping your old mobile phone. Please, leave out all of your accessories, such as the phone’s headphones, case and charger. You only need to send the device itself.

4. Shipping

When selling your phone to Swappie, we pay for the shipping! All you need to do is print a shipping label for your phone and send the device on its way. Print the DHL shipping label and book the phone’s pickup. Shipping the phone takes about 1-3 business days. After we have received your phone, it is carefully inspected by our professional technicians. At this point, we also ensure that the phone is cleared for good. The inspection takes approximately 1-4 days. 

5. Payment

In case your estimation of the phone’s condition does not match ours, we send you a new price for your phone. You can either accept the new offer or ask your phone to be sent back. Again, we pay for shipping. If everything is good and we agree with your estimation, you will receive a payment for your old mobile phone directly to your bank account.

Buy a refurbished phone from Swappie

After you have sold your phone online at, do not forget that we also sell used and refurbished iPhones. You can find refurbished iPhones in four different conditions and a variety of prices, colours and models. Check out Swappie’s current selection of phones on our website. Buy a professionally refurbished iPhone from Swappie today and save both money and the environment!