Can you sell a broken phone?

Woman holding a phone
Woman holding a broken phone

As you might have heard, there are plenty of places and services that buy old mobile phones. Considering that nowadays smartphones are quite light and thin, in addition to being mostly screen in some models, it is no wonder that most smartphones end up breaking in one way or another. However, despite a cracked screen, the scratched surface of a phone’s body or poor battery, you can still sell your old phone. Some services are even willing to pay a reasonable sum even for a slightly broken model.

In case you are unfortunate enough to have a broken iPhone, don’t worry. We here at Swappie might be able to help. Although a broken iPhone is worth less than an older model that is still in reasonably good condition, it is worth checking how much you can get for a broken phone. So before throwing away your broken phone and contributing to the large amount of electronic waste produced each year, see if there is something to be done. You might be able to turn your broken phone into money.

How can I sell broken phones?

Even though it may sound too good to be true, you can sell your broken phone and get paid for it. The best thing is, you can do it easily online. Just answer a few simple questions about your broken phone and get a price estimate instantly. 

How much money can I get for a broken iPhone?

The amount of money you can get in return for selling a broken phone depends on how broken it actually is. Check at least the following things before trying to sell your broken iPhone:

  • Does the phone turn on normally?
  • Is the display cracked?
  • Are there visible scratches?
  • Does the phone’s battery work as it should?
  • Is the phone bent?
  • Have you dropped your phone in water at any point?
  • Have any features stopped working?

You can check the value of your broken phone on our Sell Your Phone -page. There you can also see which phone models we currently buy. Start by choosing your phone model and answer all questions about the phone’s condition. 

The fewer issues your broken phone has, the better the price is likely going to be. However, some problems can decrease the price more than others. For example, the phone’s value will decrease if the phone’s body has been badly bent and bruised or if the phone has stopped working after being dropped in water. Smaller problems, such as a cracked screen or broken camera lens can be fixed more easily.

Where can I sell a broken phone?

At Swappie we also provide Swappie Care, our own extended warranty for physical damages to your iPhone. Swappie Care is valid for broken phones purchased from Swappie. So how does Swappie Care work? 

Whenever something happens to your trusty refurbished iPhone, we will send you a replacement model in no time. You will receive a new iPhone to replace the broken phone in just 1-3 business days. After that, send us the broken phone and we will make sure it gets repaired and sold on to a new owner. 

By repairing broken phones and refurbishing old iPhone models, Swappie is able to reduce the amount of electronic waste. When old and broken iPhones are refurbished, fewer new smartphones need to be manufactured. Join Swappie on our mission towards a greener future and buy a new refurbished iPhone from us. While you are at it, why not also sell us your old iPhone. Even if it is slightly broken, you can still get something back for your old iPhone.