How to sell an old iPhone?

Hands holding an iPhone

As new phone models are released, many may be tempted to throw away their old phone and go for a newer, more advanced device. The same is definitely true for old iPhones. Even if you are looking to buy the latest iPhone model, there are many who are more than happy to buy your old phone. So do not just throw away your old iPhone. Consider selling it instead.

Depending on the model and condition of your old phone, you can sell it for a good price. For example, an old iPhone 11 Pro Max with little to no visible damage is more valuable than an even older and battered iPhone XS. Read more and learn how to sell old iPhone -devices to Swappie.

What old iPhone models can I sell?

When the goal is to repair old iPhones to be sold again for someone else, some iPhone models are more valuable than others. To see which Apple iPhone models you can sell, take a look at our Sell your iPhone -page.

On the Sell your iPhone -page you can get an estimate of your old iPhone’s value. There are a few factors that affect the price you can get for your old device. These include:

  • The model of your old iPhone
  • How much storage capacity the iPhone has
  • Does the phone function normally or is something not working right
  • Are there any signs of damage on the phone’s display, camera and body
  • What is the level of damage

Based on these factors you can estimate the value of your old iPhone. Start by selecting the iPhone model you want to sell and answer truthfully to the website’s questions.

If you have taken good care of your old iPhone, you can get a reasonable sum in return when selling it. We here at Swappie are more than happy to buy your old device. So, don’t wait. Go and check how much your phone is worth and sell your old iPhone to us.

After accepting our price offer, you will get a free shipping label for sending your old phone. Remember to clear your iPhone before sending it to us. After receiving it, our experts inspect your old phone and refurbish it to be sold once again. You will receive the payment to your bank account soon after we have accepted your old phone.

Why should I sell my old iPhone?

Selling old iPhones is the smart thing to do for many reasons. Here are a few:

  • Save money when buying a new phone. Rather than just throwing your old Apple iPhone away, why not sell it? By selling your old iPhone, you can get some money back in return that can then be put towards the budget of your new phone. How much you are paid for your old phone depends on its model and condition.
  • Save the environment. Tons of old smartphones are thrown away every year, amounting to endless piles of electronic waste. Selling your old iPhone is a form of recycling where the old device is put to good use.
  • Give your old phone a new home. Would it not be a shame if your trusty old iPhone was just thrown away once it no longer has any use for you? Sell it to someone else who is willing to give your old iPhone a new home.
  • Give your broken phone a new life. Did you know that you can sell your old phone even if it is slightly broken? Depending on the level of damage, some cracks, scratches and bumps do not mean that your old phone cannot be saved. Most phone manufacturers do not want you to know this, but many phone parts can be fixed or changed into new ones to extend the device’s lifespan.

Can I buy someone’s old Apple iPhone?

Whenever we think it is time to upgrade our trusty old smartphone, we probably start looking for brand new ones. However, a brand new iPhone is going to cost you much more than a used but refurbished model. After selling your old iPhone, why not replace it with a refurbished one from Swappie.
We here at Swappie are known for selling high-quality refurbished iPhones that have been inspected and repaired by true professionals. You are not just buying someone’s old iPhone, but a refurbished and repaired model instead. Have a look and see all of the refurbished iPhones we have to offer. Our iPhones come in a variety of colours, models, sizes and conditions from Acceptable to Like New. Check out the entire selection of Swappie’s refurbished iPhones on sale.