Sell my iPhone: How to sell your iPhone

As new iPhone models roll in and one might be tempted to sell their old smartphone, a question arises: “Can I sell my iPhone”? To make room for a newer Apple iPhone, you can sell your old device and get a reasonable sum in return. For example, we here at Swappie, a reseller of high-quality refurbished iPhones, are more than happy to buy your old Apple iPhone.

The process of selling your old Apple iPhone has been made as simple as possible. The price we pay for your iPhone depends on how good of a condition you have kept it in and what kind of an Apple smartphone it is. We here at Swappie have made iPhone recycling as easy as it gets. The best thing is that you can buy a newer refurbished iPhone from us to replace your older device.

How do I sell my iPhone?

The process of selling your iPhone to Swappie is simple. Not only will you get money in return for your old iPhone, but you are also helping the environment by cutting down on electronic waste. Let’s walk through the process of selling your iPhone to Swappie.

1. Estimate the price of your iPhone

Begin by going to Swappie’s Sell Your iPhone -page. There you can choose the model of your iPhone from the list of iPhone models we are currently accepting. After this, you are asked to provide the necessary information for us to estimate the value of your iPhone. Things that affect the price we pay for your iPhone include the model, storage capacity and overall condition. Answer truthfully to the questions about your iPhone’s condition, are there cracks on the display, is the camera’s lens intact and is the body of the iPhone damaged. You can get paid even for a slightly broken iPhone. After you have given all the necessary information and answered the questions about your iPhone you will receive a price estimate. 

2. Send us your iPhone

If you are happy with the price Swappie is willing to offer you for your iPhone, fill out a form with your information, such as your name, address and payment information. This way we can send you a shipping label. We pay the shipping fee for your iPhone, so all you need to do is send us your phone.

3. Wait as the professional experts at Swappie inspect your iPhone

After your iPhone has been shipped and we at Swappie have received it, our trained professional experts will inspect the iPhone. During the inspection, we will check if the condition of your iPhone matches what you filled earlier on the website.

4. Receive the payment for your iPhone

If everything is in order and the condition of your iPhone matches the information you provided earlier, Swappie will pay the promised amount. In case the condition of your iPhone differs from your estimate, we will send you a new offer for the device. In such a case you may either accept our updated offer or ask your iPhone to be sent back. Just like sending Swappie your iPhone, you do not have to pay for the shipping when requesting your phone back. The inspection of your iPhone is fast and you will receive a price offer 1-4 days after we have received your old iPhone.

What to do before selling your old iPhone?

There are a few things to check before selling Swappie your old Apple iPhone.

  1. Make sure that your old iPhone has the Find My iPhone feature turned off.
  2. If there are files or other information that you want to keep and transport to your new device, make sure to backup your iPhone. Read how to backup your iPhone.
  3. Erase the phone to make sure it is empty and you have not saved any of your personal details or login information. You can read how to factory reset your iPhone
  4. Remove the SIM card. We have a separate guide on how to remove the SIM card of your iPhone as well.

Can I buy a refurbished iPhone from Swappie?

Rather than buying a brand new iPhone, check out Swappie’s selection of high quality refurbished iPhones. At Swappie, you can find iPhones for a variety of budgets. Save some money by first selling us your old iPhone and then upgrading to a newer refurbished model.