Ready to start thinking circular?

Listen up, gang – our latest brand refresh is here.

According to a video our copywriter saw on the internet recently – progress isn’t a straight line. In fact, it often involves going round in circles. To which we say – excellent, because – well, that’s kind of our thing.

Since 2016, Swappie has been on a mission to make refurbished electronics mainstream. That’s eight years – or two FIFA Football World Cups, three Finnish Prime Ministers, and an almost unimaginable number of reruns of popular American sitcom Friends, of doing good for us, for you – and most importantly, for the planet.

As the refurbished electronics industry continues to evolve – so does Swappie!

In this latest update to the Swappie brand, we’re focusing on circularity. Simply put, that’s the whole “we take your phone, give you money, refurbish it and then put it back on the market” thing. What that means in practice though, is a shiny new website update that makes it even simpler and more convenient to choose to reuse. Because modern life is complex, so buying and selling refurbished iPhones should be straightforward, ok?

Keeping smartphones in circulation is about doing good – over and over

It’s all neatly summed up in our new tagline: “Around for good” Because iPhones don’t have expiry dates. Get it?

By extending the lifetime of a smartphone by just one extra year, we (that’s you and us, it’s a team effort) are reducing it’s carbon footprint by a third. What’s really cool, though – is that thanks to Swappie, you can buy refurbished and still get the latest models.

So, you’re cutting down on e-waste and getting a tip-top handset that works like new at an affordable price. What’s not to like, really?

There’s still a lot of work to be done, but as we enter this next phase let’s all pat ourselves on the back for doing some good.